A new era of oral care

Author(s): Paula Arroyo

It is essential to value and enhance oral self-care from the early stages of life, recognizing our habits and facing the risk that we run if we do not practice it. With the help of an expert dentist we can select the necessary elements to maintain proper oral care. The components of toothpastes such as LSS Sodium Lauryl Sulphate have a detergent and foam-forming action, carrying out a dragging action of food found on the tooth surface. Although it is backed up by organizations such as the FDA and EPA, it shows concern in users when evidencing action on the natural lipids of our skin and mucosa, often causing irritation in these tissues. An attractive proposal to consider as an ingredient that gives the same action as LSS sodium Lauryl sulphate is Lauryl Sarcosinate, a natural amino acid found in the human body and in almost all kinds of biological material from animals and plants.

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