Translational Immunology Innovations

 Translational immunology is the process by which researchers use immunological discoveries to develop practical solutions for human problems. Examples include the development of vaccines against infectious diseases or the engineering of new types of drugs to treat inflammatory disorders.   Translational research is defined as research that uses findings from basic science studies for practical applications that enhance health and well-being both in humans and animals. CD8 T-cells are important for protection against a plethora of different pathogens and are also capable of killing cancerous cells. In contrast, dysregulated CD8 T-cell immunity can have devastating effects, for example autoimmunity and graft rejection. Professor Linda Wooldridge leads the research aimed at understanding the basic immunology of the CD8 T-cell response and translates the groups’ findings to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie CD8 T-cell mediated disease and the development of novel therapeutic strategies. As such, the group has active projects that span three different areas: ·         Understanding the basic mechanisms involved in CD8 T-cell activation ·         Understanding the pathogenesis of common CD8 T-cell mediated disease ·         Translation for the development of novel therapeutic strategies

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