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This brief paper provides a general guide to the breadth of what we call ‘policy’. Policy is usually associated simply with legislation and regulation, but actually it encompasses a good sort of activities. A policy often comes within the sort of general statements about priorities, written regulations or guidelines, procedures or standards to be achieved. At its simplest, policy refers to a definite path of action which is suitable for the pursuit of desired goals within a specific context, directing the choice making of a corporation or individual. Generally speaking public policy is what the govt chooses to try to or to not do. It a choice made by government to either act, or not act so as to resolve a drag . Public policy may be a course of action that guides a variety of related actions during a given field. They rarely tackle one problem, but rather affect clusters of entangled and long-term problems. Public policy provides guidance to governments and accountability links to citizens. Deciding is clouded by values, instead of based purely on objective data. Most issues tend to involve deeply held values/ interests and enormous amounts of cash, making the policy process very complex. Policy comes from those that have legitimate authority to impose normative guidelines for action. It’s made by elected officials acting together with advisors from the upper levels of the administration. Government ministers are the elected officials at the apex of two governments who have the proper to articulate policy. Non-elected officials then are required to implement the policy through programs.  

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