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The high rate of failure during drug development is well-known, however recent advances in tissue engineering and microfabrication have contributed to the event of microphysiological systems (MPS), or ‘organs-on-chips’ that recapitulate the function of human organs. These ‘tissue chips’ might be utilized for drug screening and safety testing to potentially transform the first stages of the drug development process. Recent advancements in bioprinting techniques have enabled convenient fabrication of micro-tissues in organ-on-a-chip platforms. In a sense, the success of bioprinted micro-tissues depends on how close their architectures are to the anatomical features of their native counterparts. Eliminating toxic and/or ineffective drugs earlier within the development process would save time and money. These human tissue chips also could teach us an excellent deal about disease progression, enabling researchers to raised prevent, diagnose and treat disorders.    

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