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 Theoretical physicists devise mathematical models to elucidate the complicated interactions between matter and energy, whereas experimental physicists conduct tests on specific physical phenomena, exploitation advanced tools from lasers to particle accelerators and telescopes, to reach answers. There’s one thing of a group action between the 2 approaches, splendidly spoofed in associate degree episode of the CBS hit comedy the large Bang Theory. noted theoretical physicists Isaac Newton, Einstein, and physicist square measure famed for developing theories regarding however the universe works. Experimentalists, on the opposite hand, square measure answerable for planning experiments exploitation observation to either prove or contradict theories. think about billion-dollar headline-making science experiments like CERN in European country, or LIGO, that in 2016 created potential the primary observation of attractive force waves that Einstein’s general theory of scientific theory expected nearly a hundred years before, however had ne'er been discovered, intellectual Liam Fitzpatrick, conjointly associate degree prof of physics, is functioning on quantum theories of gravity. once quantum field theories consistently target solely large-scale behavior, they're known as “effective field theories,” says Fitzpatrick, UN agency is curious about exploitation them to alter and unify several apparently totally different models. Each uses a unique approach, however they agree on this: experimental physicists rely on theoretical physicists—and contrariwise.

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