The spleen is a wedge-formed organ lying for the most part in the left upper quadrant (left hypochondrium and incompletely in the epigastrium) and is ensured by the left 9thto eleventh ribs. It is delicate, profoundly vascular and dull purple in shading. Size and weight shift from individual to-individual however on normal is around 2.5 cm thick, 7.5cm wide and 12.5 cm long. The spleen has two shafts (prevalent and second rate), three fringes and two surfaces (diaphragmatic and instinctive). It is encased by a slight container, which is handily cracked. The spleen assumes different supporting jobs in the body. It goes about as a channel for blood as a major aspect of the invulnerable framework. Old red platelets are reused in the spleen, and platelets and white platelets are put away there. The spleen additionally helps battle specific sorts of microbes that cause pneumonia and meningitis. Leeway of microorganisms and particulate antigens from the blood stream,Synthesis of immunoglobulin G (IgG), properdin (a basic segment of the substitute pathway of supplement enactment), and tuftsin (an immunostimulatory tetrapeptide) .Expulsion of anomalous red platelets (RBCs).   The spleen is powerless against injury, and a cracked spleen can cause genuine perilous interior draining and is a hazardous crisis. A harmed spleen may burst following a physical issue, or at times, days or weeks after a physical issue.

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