Restenosis Review Articles

Restenosis is the recurrence of stenosis, a narrowing of a blood vessel that causes blood flow to be restricted. Restenosis is usually associated with an artery or other large blood vessel that has become narrowed, received treatment to clear the blockage, and then renarrowed. Restenosis occurs at the treatment site, as a result of tissue growth. It can almost be thought of as a consequence of a healing process following the localized angioplasty trauma. At the trauma sCurrently, ISR is treated using a balloon with the insertion of another stent typically using a Drug-eluting stent or angioplasty. The balloon is coated with drugs used to prevent tissue development on a Drug-eluting stent. Despite major advances in DES restenosis reduction technology, conservative estimates still suggest that the incidence of in-stent restenosis (ISR) requiring revascularization of the target vessel.ite proliferates the endothelial cells which normally line the coronary artery.