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 In silico biology it alludes to theoretical computational models. In silico a representation is used to mean it is done on a computer or by simulation of a computer. Due to the endless measurements of information currently being generated by molecular and cell scientists, computational science is increasingly important to supervise. Throughout silico biology, it stems from the inconceivable measures of usable biological data, and detailed measurements or reproductions are applied to establish scientific understanding. Then, the results of such reproductions may be tentatively checked or used as an aid for potential physical research. Journal Article is sometimes referred to as a scientific article or a peer-reviewed article or a scholarly Research Article. Journal papers are sometimes referred to together as The Literature in a given area. Most frequently journal articles are primary research articles. They can also be Review Papers, though. All kinds of papers have various meanings and demands. Occasionally, a new tool or approach is defined in an article. Since publications in scientific journals are detailed, carefully referenced and reviewed by peers, The journal repositories are the perfect place to search for information about your organisms from previous studies.  

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