Petro chemistry could be a branch of chemistry that studies the transformation of oil (petroleum) and fossil fuel into merchandise or raw materials. These petrochemicals became a serious a part of the industry these days. A method referred to as fractional process separates oil into varied segments. Fractions at the highest have a lower boiling points than fractions at all-time low. All-time low fractions area unit serious, and area unit so "cracked" into lighter and a lot of helpful merchandise. Directly from the well, raw or unprocessed ("crude") oil isn't helpful. Tho' light-weight vegetable oil has been used directly as a burner fuel, these lighter fragments type explosive vapors in fuel tanks, and so area unit dangerous. The oil should be separated into varied components and refined before utilized in fuels and lubricants, and before a number of the byproducts type materials like plastics, detergents, solvents, elastomers, and fibers like nylon and polyesters. Crude oil and fossil fuel area unit extracted from the bottom, ashore or beneath the oceans, with oil wells. Ships, trains, and pipelines transport extracted oils and gasses to refineries.