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 Archives of Palliative Care and Medicine is a web open access journal providing relief from the symptoms and stress with life-limitingillness. This journal includes the that specialize in all the aspects of taking care of terminally ill patients, like symptoms management, pain reduction and providing comfort. Archives of Palliative Care and Medicine may be a scholarly peer-reviewed journal which covers top quality manuscripts both relevant and applicable to the broad field concerning soothe the pain of the patients as providing an entire cure, or eradicating the symptoms is usually impossible , thanks to the critical stage of their illness. The main objective of the journal is to take care of and develop science and related research at a world level on understanding advance knowledge of Palliative medicine applications during a multidisciplinary approach towards patient care to alleviate their suffering. Annals of Palliative Medicine is an open access, international, peer-reviewed journal indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE and Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE). The journal covers palliative medicine across all multidisciplinary aspects, including oncology, psychology, surgery, nursing, public health, education, nutrition, sociology, ethics, and policy. Furthermore, the journal focuses on cutting-edge developments within the transition from preclinical to clinical research like multimodality therapy, diagnosis, markers, imaging, biology, pathology, prevention, and technical advances associated with palliative medicine.

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