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 The term forensic science involves forensic (or forensis, in Latin), which suggests a ventilation or debate. During a more modern context, however, forensic applies to courts or the judiciary . Combine that with science, and forensic science means applying scientific methods and processes to solving crimes. From the 16th century, when medical practitioners began using forensic science to writings within the late 18th century that exposed the primary evidence of recent pathology, to the formation of the primary school of forensic science in 1909; the event of forensic science has been wont to uncover mysteries, solve crimes, and convict or exonerate suspects of crime for many years. The extraordinary scientific innovations and advancements in forensic science have allowed it to become a highly developed science that involves variety of disciplines and thousands of forensic scientists specializing in everything from DNA and botany to dentistry and tool marks. The field of forensic science draws from variety of scientific branches, including physics, chemistry, and biology, with its focus being on the popularity, identification, and evaluation of physical evidence. It’s become an important a part of the judiciary , because it utilizes a broad spectrum of sciences to realize information relevant to criminal and legal evidence.  

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