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 Journal of chemistry & physical science is an instructional journal handle the building block forces between atoms and molecules and therefore the dimensions of power and energy at the elementary level. the assorted types of analysis conjointly involve the speed of a reaction and therefore the energy and by-products of reaction as well as entropy and dynamics. Another specialization that researchers probe in chemistry & physical science deals with the exchange of warmth, denseness and physical science principles. The manuscripts describing findings of the investigation open new dimensions in chemistry & physical science discipline. it's a pedantic Open Access journal and aims to publish the foremost complete and reliable supply of data on the advanced and extremely latest analysis topics. The journal is one amongst the most effective open access journals, of pedantic business includes a large vary of fields in its discipline to make a platform for the authors to form their contribution towards the journal and therefore the editorial workplace guarantees a review method for the submitted manuscripts for the standard of business. Journal of chemistry & physical science centered on the areas like chemistry, Biophysics, Physical Properties, physics, Medical physics, Applied physics, Crystal Structure, Fusion Energy, Magnetotactic bacterium, Modulus of snap, Physics law, Plane mirror, Radiology, Reflective observe, temperature, valve, slippy Mode management.  

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