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 The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to assist you acquire skills you lost once a stroke affected a part of your brain. Stroke rehabilitation will assist you regain independence and improve your quality of life. The severity of stroke complications and every person's ability to recover vary wide. Stabilize your medical condition Control critical conditions Prevent another stroke Limit any stroke-related complications These therapists assist you acquire movements like walking and keeping your balance. These therapists assist you acquire hand and arm use for daily skills like bathing, ligature your shoes or buttoning your shirt. Activity therapists can even address swallowing and psychological feature problems, and safety in your home. Stroke recovery varies from person to person. It's laborious to predict what percentage skills you would possibly recover and the way shortly. Physical factors, together with the severity of your stroke in terms of each psychological feature and physical effects Emotional factors, like your motivation and mood, and your ability to stay with rehabilitation activities outside of medical aid sessions Social factors, like the support of friends and family Therapeutic factors, together with associate early begin to your rehabilitation and also the talent of your stroke rehabilitation team

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