Obesity And Diabetes

An Obesity & Diabetes Intervention is an electronic, open-access publication, dedicated to publishing work from all fields and clinical areas. IOD offers unvarnished, professional reviews of past-year innovations. IOD aims to provide a platform for disseminating information and discussing topics related to clinical research on diabetes and obesity, and patient care. The most common cause of obesity is a combination of lack of physical activity, excessive intake of food, and genetic susceptibility. IOD is a platform for bariatric / metabolic surgery which provides an interdisciplinary forum for the communication of the latest laparoscopic research techniques, Case studies and medical diagnosis of major obesity and metabolic disorders. Diabetes is triggered by lack of insulin output by the pancreas or by failure of the body's cells to respond properly to the insulin released. IOD journal publishes a variety of contributions including original articles, focused reviews and quick communications that include brief articles of particular interest and apparent novelty.

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