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 Natural resources ar resources that exist with none actions of human beings. This includes all valued characteristics like magnetic, attractive force, electrical properties and forces, etc. On Earth, it includes daylight, atmosphere, water, land (includes all minerals) beside all vegetation, crops, and animal life that naturally subsists upon or at intervals the antecedently known characteristics and substances, Particular aras like the forest in Fatu-Hiva are usually characterised by the variety and geodiversity existent in their ecosystems. Natural resources is also any classified in numerous ways in which. Natural resources ar materials and elements (something that may be used) that may be found at intervals the surroundings. each artificial product consists of natural resources (at its elementary level). A resource might exist as a separate entity like H2O, air, and similarly as any living organism like a fish, or it should exist in associate degree alternate type that has to be processed to get the resource like metal ores, rare-earth components, petroleum, and most styles of energy. There is abundant discussion worldwide over resource allocations. this is often significantly true in periods of skyrocketing deficiency and shortages depletion and overconsumption of resources , There ar numerous ways of categorizing natural resources, these embrace the supply of origin, stage of development, and by their renewability.

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