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 A myocardial infarct (MI), additionally referred to as an attack, happens once blood flow decreases or stops to a vicinity of the guts, inflicting harm to the guts muscle. The foremost common symptom is hurting or discomfort which can travel into the shoulder, arm, back, neck or jaw. Typically it happens within the center or left aspect of the chest and lasts for quite a couple of minutes. The discomfort could sometimes want pyrosis. Alternative symptoms could embrace shortness of breath, nausea, feeling faint, a chilly sweat or feeling tired. Regarding half-hour of individuals have atypical symptoms. Ladies additional typically gift while not hurting and instead have neck pain, arm pain or feel tired. Among those over seventy five years previous, regarding five-hitter have had Associate in Nursing MI with very little or no history of symptoms. Associate in Nursing MI could cause coronary failure, Associate in Nursing irregular heartbeat, shock or systole.   Most MIs occur because of arteries unwellness. Risk factors embrace high pressure level, smoking, diabetes, lack of exercise, obesity, high blood cholesterol, poor diet and excessive alcohol intake. the entire blockage of a arteries caused by a rupture of Associate in Nursing hardening of the arteries plaque is typically the underlying mechanism of Associate in Nursing MI. MIs area unit less normally caused by arteries spasms, which can result to cocaine, vital emotional stress and extreme cold, among others.

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