Mood Disorders Impact Factor

 mood disorder, your general spirit or mood is distorted or inconsistent together with your|along with your} circumstances and interferes with your ability to operate. you will be extraordinarily unhappy, empty or irritable (depressed), otherwise you might have periods of depression alternating with being too happy (mania).Anxiety disorders may have an effect on your mood and sometimes occur beside depression. Mood disorders might increase your risk of suicide.Some samples of mood disorders include:Major clinical depression — prolonged and protracted periods of utmost unhappiness   Bipolar disorder — conjointly known as manic depressive illness|emotional disorder|emotional disturbance} or bipolar affective disorder, depression that features alternating times of depression and maniaSeasonal disturbance (SAD) — a sort of depression most frequently related to fewer hours of daylight within the so much northern and southern latitudes from late fall to early springCyclothymic disorder — a disorder that causes emotional ups and downs that area unit less extreme than affective disorderPremenstrual dysphoric  disorder — mood changes and irritability that occur throughout the discharge part of a woman's cycle and flee with the onset of menses Persistent clinical depression (dysthymia) — a long (chronic) sort of depressionDisruptive mood dysregulation disorder — a disorder of chronic, severe and protracted irritability in youngsters that usually includes frequent temper outbursts that area unit inconsistent with the child's biological process ageDepression associated with medical health problem — a persistent depressed mood and a major loss of enjoyment in most or all activities that is directly associated with the physical effects of another medical conditionDepression evoked by substance use or medication ― depression symptoms that develop throughout or shortly when substance use or withdrawal or when exposure to a drugs.