Malignancy is the tendency of a medical condition to become more and more worse.Malignancy is most acquainted as a characterization of cancer. A metastatic tumor contrasts with a non-cancerous nonmalignant neoplasm therein a malignancy isn't ending in its growth, is capable of incursive adjacent tissues, and will be capable of spreading to distant tissues. A nonmalignant neoplasm has none of these properties.Malignancy in cancers is characterised by dysplasia, invasiveness, and metastasis.Malignant tumors also are characterised by order instability, so cancers, as assessed by whole order sequencing, oft have between ten,000 and a hundred,000 mutations in their entire genomes.Cancers sometimes show growth heterogeneousness, containing multiple subclones.They additionally oft have reduced expression of polymer repair enzymes because of epigenetic methylation of polymer repair genes or altered microRNAs that management polymer repair organic phenomenon.There square measure many main sorts of malignancy. cancer could be a malignancy that begins within the skin or in tissues that line or cowl internal organs. cancer could be a malignancy that begins in bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or different connective or corroborative tissue. leukaemia could be a malignancy that begins in blood-forming tissue, like the bone marrow, and causes too several abnormal blood cells to be created. malignant neoplastic disease and myeloma square measure malignancies that begin within the cells of the system. Central system cancers square measure malignancies that begin within the tissues of the brain and neural structure. additionally known as cancer.