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Limnology is that the study of the structural and functional interrelationships of organisms of inland waters as they are full of their dynamic physical, chemical, and organic phenomenon environments. Limnology is that the integrative, multidisciplinary, scientific study of inland waters. Limnology is made on sub disciplines, together with earth science, physics, chemistry, biology, and sometimes adopts associate system perspective to deal with each educational and applied issue. whereas the science of limnology is broad in scope and covers all inland  water systems (lakes, reservoirs, streams, rivers, wetlands, and ground waters), each the teaching and textbooks of earth science tend to be dominated by the study of biological or ecological issues and emphasize lakes additional often than alternative aquatic habitats. Limnologists use multiple approaches to realize an upscale understanding of key processes. These approaches embrace experimental studies, someday of a semi-permanent nature; comparative studies, direct experiments, some directed at whole systems, others with elements in either the sector or laboratory; and theory. The science of limnology is well pictured within the literature, however usually seems below imperfect synonyms like aquatic science, fresh ecology, hydro ecology, or aquatic biogeochemistry.    

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