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 Pharmacology s that the study of medicine. It involves examining the interactions of chemical substances with living systems, with a read to understanding the properties of medicine and their actions, as well as the interactions between drug molecules and drug receptors and the way these interactions elicit a control. Our materia medica courses examine the various categories of medicine, however they're used therapeutically, their mechanisms of action, however they're handled by the build, and their role in society. materia medica provides the scientific basis and principles for a range of special applications, like the study of drug actions within the health sciences, the employment drugs|of medication} as therapeutic agents in medicine or as tools in research project, and also the development and regulation of prescription drugs. materia medica may be a multi-disciplinary science with several subspecialties as well as clinical materia medica, vas materia medica, behavioral materia medica, neuropsychopharmacology, genetic science, and pharmacoeconomics, to call a number of.   Pharmacology programs area unit distinct programs from the Pharmacy program. materia medica programs area unit joint undergrad programs between the school of Arts and Science and also the college of medication. Students graduating with associate undergrad Specialist or Major program in materia medica receive a Bachelor of Science degree. Pharmacy may be a skilled curriculum offered by the school of Pharmacy that prepares students to become authorised pharmacists. A license is needed to de jure dispense medication.  

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