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Pharmacogenomics is that the study of the role of the ordering in drug response. Its name (pharmaco- + genetic science) reflects its combining of materia medica and genomics. Pharmacogenomics analyzes however the genetic makeup of a private affects his/her response to medication It deals with the influence of nonheritable and inheritable genetic variation on drug response in patients by correlating organic phenomenon or single-nucleotide polymorphisms with materia medica (drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination) and pharmacodynamics (effects mediate through a drug's biological targets). The term pharmacogenomics is usually used interchangeably with genetics. though each terms relate to drug response supported genetic influences, genetics focuses on single drug-gene interactions, whereas pharmacogenomics encompasses a a lot of genome-wide association approach, incorporating genetic science and epigenetics whereas addressing the results of multiple genes on drug response Pharmacogenomics aims to develop rational suggests that to optimize drug medical aid, with relevancy the patients' genotype, to confirm most potency with tokenish adverse effects. Through the use of pharmacogenomics, it's hoped that pharmaceutical drug treatments will deviate from what's dubbed because the "one-dose-fits-all" approach. Pharmacogenomics conjointly makes an attempt to eliminate the trial-and-error methodology of prescribing, permitting physicians to require into thought their patient's genes, the practicality of those genes, and the way this might have an effect on the effectualness of the patient's current or future treatments (and wherever applicable, offer an evidence for the failure of past.        

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