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 The goal of property waste management is to scale back the quantity of natural resources consumed, make sure that any materials that area unit taken from nature area unit reused as persistently as potential which the waste created is unbroken to a minimum. Waste generation is growing quicker than the other environmental waste product, particularly within the developing international South wherever the contributions from municipal solid waste (MSW) to overall gas (GHG) emissions are largest. Managing waste is dear - on the average between 100% and 2 hundredth of the overall town budget in several developing cities. The monetary implication of any new waste management model should take under consideration each the initial capital investment, however conjointly the next in operation prices, which might account for over seventy percent of the project. By understanding the advantages and downsides of assorted waste management technologies, native call manufacturers will best assign resources, choose processes and vendors, and develop policies and procedures to satisfy the community’s wants whereas reducing emissions, increasing equity, rising the atmosphere, economy and public health.  

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