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   Massive hemoptysis is a high-mortality, medical emergency with several difficult diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. The origin of bleeding and underlying etiology is often not immediately apparent, and techniques to manage this hazardous condition require expedient reaction. Unlike hemorrhage in other circumstances, the airways can be quickly flooded by a small amount of blood, thus impairing oxygenation and ventilation, leading to asphyxia and consequent cardiovascular collapse. Early control of the patient's airway and immediate hemorrhage isolation in an attempt to localize and control bleeding is of paramount importance. A coordinated response by the team is necessary to guarantee the best chances of recovery for patients. Prompt airway control and steps to limit hemorrhage propagation take precedence. Embolization of the bronchial artery, rigid and adjustable bronchoscopy, and surgery all act as alternative therapeutic options to provide effective hemorrhagic control.

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