Hemiparesis, or unilateral paralysis, is weakness of 1 entire aspect of the body (hemi- suggests that "half"). Palsy is, in its most severe kind, complete disfunction of half the body. Hemiparesis and palsy are often caused by totally different medical conditions, as well as innate causes, trauma, tumors, or stroke.

Hemiplegia may be a severe or complete loss of strength or disfunction on one aspect of the body.

Your brain and funiculus management muscle movement. If either your brain or funiculus is broken, they’re ineffectual to direct the muscles. The result's disfunction.

Most cases of hemiparesis and palsy area unit caused by stroke.

Your funiculus and brain have a left aspect and a right aspect. The halves area unit identical. Every controls the movements on one aspect of the body.

An injury to 1 aspect of the funiculus or brain may result in weakness or disfunction on one aspect of the body.

During electrical stimulation, your physical or activity expert attaches tiny electrical pads to your weaker extremities. They send tiny electrical charges through the pads to form your muscles contract. Over time, this medical care will train your muscles to become stronger once more.