Head Injury

A head injury is any sort of damage to your brain, skull, or scalp. Common head injuries include a mild bump, bruise, concussions, skull fractures, and scalp wounds. A Head injury majorly includes two types: closed and open type. A closed head injury is any injury that doesn’t break or cause any damage to the skull. An open head injury is one that breaks the skull and penetrates into the brain. It is hard to estimate the injury of a head just by looking. Some head injuries which are minor may bleed a lot, while some major injuries don’t bleed at all. It’s really important to treat all the head injuries by getting assessed by doctor. Head injuries are injuries to scalp, skull, and brain due to trauma. Concussions are the most common type of sports-related brain injury. The injury can be mild as a bump, bruise (contusion) or cut in the head, or can be moderate to severe in nature due to a concussion deep cut or open wound, fractured skull bones(s), for from internal bleeding and damage to the brain. Some head injuries are severe enough to cause brain damage or even death.

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