Fracture Management

 Fracture is a broken bone, the fracture can be range from thin crack to complete bone break.Bone can get fracture by crosswise, lengthwise in several places or into many pieces.Fractures are happened due to more pressure or force  on the bone. There are two types of fractures are closed vs open and incomplete vs complete. A closed fracture is also called a simple fracture the broken bone does not break the skin, but in open fracture the end of the broken bone tear the skin. In incomplete fracture the bone does not break completely. Some of the incomplete fracture are hairline fracture, greenstick fracture and buckle.In a complete fracture the bone breaks completely. The risk of a fracture are older, have endocrine or intestinal disorders, have osteoporosis, physically inactive, smoke, taking corticoteriods.It can be prevented by keeping the bone strong, by consuming a nutritious diet, including foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium.  

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