Engineering Technology

 An engineering individual may be a skilled trained in sure aspects of development and implementation of a various space of technology. Engineering technology education is even a lot of applied and fewer theoretical than engineering education, tho' in an exceedingly broad sense each have attention on use. Engineering technologists typically assist engineers however once years of expertise, they'll conjointly become engineers. Like engineers, areas wherever engineering technologists will work embody product style (including improvement), fabrication and testing. Conjointly like engineers, engineering technologists typically rise to senior management positions in business or become entrepreneurs. Engineering technology field typically overlaps with several of identical general areas in engineering (e.g. design/development, testing) however the main target is even a lot of on application than in engineering field (which is, in an exceedingly somewhat completely different sense, conjointly concerning application of science). Engineering technologist’s square measure a lot of probably than engineers to target (post-development) implementation or operation of a technology however this is typically not a strict rule as they often do style original ideas.

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