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 Electrical engineering is that the style, building and maintenance of electrical management systems, machinery and instrumentality. Some technology considerations also are found in mechanical and engineering science. The term technology typically includes physics engineering. whereas electrical engineers principally concentrate on large-scale production and distribution of electric power, physics engineers area unit involved with smaller electronic circuits and infrequently conjointly work with computers and different trendy technologies. However, any college boy course can embrace components of each electrical and physics engineering. Electrical engineers add transport networks, lighting, heating, ventilation, carry systems, power generation and distribution, renewable energy, producing and construction. you'll elaborate project plans, estimate project timescales and prices, manage the work of technicians and craftspeople, take a look at installations, analyse knowledge and make sure that health and safety rules area unit met. arithmetic is important to try and do technology at university. several universities will raise candidates to own done any or advanced arithmetic. additionally, universities can need you to own done physics or chemistry or a technology subject. You can conjointly stand out if you categorical your interest within the subject by having participated and obtained sensible leads to arithmetic and physics challenges. Extra-curricular engineering courses or activities may additionally  assist you within the application method

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