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 Tooth decay, conjointly referred to as tooth decay or cavities, could be a breakdown of teeth thanks to acids created by bacterium. The cavities could also be variety of various colours from yellow to black. Symptoms could embody pain and issue with ingestion. Cavities square measure for good broken areas within the pave of your teeth that be converted into small openings or holes. Cavities, conjointly referred to as cavity|decay} or caries, square measure caused by a mixture of things, as well as bacterium in your mouth, frequent snacking, sipping candied drinks and not improvement your teeth well. What Causes Dental Caries? usually, cavity|cavity|caries|tooth decay|decay} may be noticed on 2 specific areas of the teeth: occlusal caries, that type on the highest most a part of the tooth wherever food particles repeatedly are available direct contact with the teeth and interproximal tooth decay, that square measure tooth decay that type between the teeth. cavity may be stopped or reversed at now. Enamel will repair itself by victimization minerals from secretion, and halide from dentifrice or alternative sources. however if the cavity method continues, a lot of minerals square measure lost. ... A cavity is permanent harm that a tooth doctor needs to repair with a filling. cavity (dental caries) is harm to a tooth that may happen once decay-causing bacterium in your mouth build acids that attack the tooth's surface, or enamel. ... If cavity isn't treated, it will cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss  

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