Cognitive Ergonomic Journal.

 Cognitive biotechnology could be a science that studies, evaluates, and styles tasks, jobs, products, environments and systems and the way they act with humans and their psychological feature skills. it's outlined by the International biotechnology Association as "concerned with mental processes, like perception, memory, reasoning, and motor response, as they have an effect on interactions among humans and different parts of a system. The relevant topics embrace mental employment, decision-making, masterly performance, human-computer interaction, human dependableness, work stress and coaching as these could relate to human-system style."[1] psychological feature biotechnology studies noesis in work and operational settings, so as to optimize human well-being and system performance. it's a set of the larger field of human factors and biotechnology. psychological feature biotechnology (sometimes referred to as psychological feature engineering tho' this was Associate in Nursing earlier field) is Associate in Nursing rising branch of biotechnology that places specific stress on the analysis of psychological feature processes needed of operators in trendy industries and similar milieus. Examples embrace designation, workload, state of affairs awareness, deciding, and coming up with. psychological feature biotechnology aims at enhancing performance of psychological feature tasks by means that of many interventions  

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