Chronic Constipatio

 Chronic constipation may be a common condition that's characterized by troublesome, infrequent, or perceived incomplete evacuation of viscous movements. Symptoms of constipation embody having but three viscous movements per week, straining, laborious stools, incomplete evacuation and inability to pass stool.   Poor diet and lack of physical activity area unit the foremost common causes of constipation, therefore it is a smart plan to rule these out 1st before wanting into alternative causes. A diet serious in processed foods, that area unit high in fat and sugar. Lack of high-fiber foods. Not enough water and alternative fluids. On the opposite hand, chronic constipation is: long-run, lasting for over 3 months and typically even continued for years. Tumultuous to an individual's personal or work life. Not mitigated by an amendment in diet or exercise, therefore needs medical attention or prescription medications. Vitamin B-12 deficiency will cause constipation. If your constipation is caused by low levels of B-12, increasing your daily intake of this nutrient might facilitate ease your symptoms. Even if you have solely been protected for a number of days, pain with constipation that will not get away is unquestionably a reason to decision your doctor, They will be ready to suggest one thing sort of a laxative that produces it easier to travel.