Child Anxiety

advancement within the field of psychiatry over the last 100 years. Numerous scientific researches and behavioral studies are conducted to know the varied psychological state conditions that need attention and treatment. supported the set of symptoms demonstrated by an individual , a practitioner can diagnose him to be affected by a selected disorder. We now also know which a part of the brain is liable for each of the disorders. Globally, there are mainly two systems that identify and classify psychological state disorders – Chapter V of the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) published by World Health Organization, and therefore the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) published by American Psychiatric Association. There are quite 250 distinctive psychological state disorders that are identified and named. To aid your understanding of the planet of mental and developmental disorders, this section has been broadly categorized into Common Disorders under which you'll find Depression-related disorders and Anxiety-related disorders and Life-Stage Disorders under which you'll find Childhood Disorders and Geriatric Disorders. Other disorders like schizophrenia or brief psychotic disorder are covered within the Other Disorders section. Information during this section has been written by the White Swan Team after extensive research and interviews with material experts within the field. this is often a growing repository that tries to answer your questions on mental disorders within the simplest possible manner. The medical explanation of disorders has been padded with personal stories, case studies and articles by experts to extend your understanding.    

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