Chemotherapy could be a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill invasive cells in your body.Chemotherapy is most frequently accustomed treat cancer, since cancer cells grow and multiply far more quickly than most cells within the body.Many different Chemotherapy drugs can be used alone or in combination to treat a wide variety of cancers.Through chemotherapy is an effective way to treat many types of cancer, chemotherapy treatment will also carries the  risk of side effects in humans . Some chemotherapy side effects are mild and treatable, while others can cause serious complications.Chemotherapy may be given with a curative intent which almost always involves combinations of drugs, or it may aim to prolong life / to reduce symptoms which is known as palliative chemotherapy. They use compounds like Alkylating Agents  (these are mostly active in the resting phase of the cell.  They are cell-cycle non-specific,some of the are  Mechlorethamine, Cyclophosphamide, Chlorambucil, Melphalan,.Thiotepa,.Altretamine, Procarbazine, Dacarbazine ,Temozolomide and Oxaliplatin.),Plant alkaloids (  derived from certain types of plants.  The vinca alkaloids are made from the catharanthus rosea, taxanes are derived from the bark of the Taxus,  Camptothecin analogs are made from Camptotheca acuminata.) ,Antitumor, Antibiotics,Antimetabolites,Folic acid antagonist,Topoisomerase Inhibitors etc..,for treatment 



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