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 Chemistry Review Articles is a peer reviewed journal, which covers all aspects of current chemical studies, consisting of both basic and implemented topical factors of organic, inorganic, organoelement, physical, biological, medicinal, theoretical, and analytical chemistry and theoretical factors of chemical engineering. The journal additionally welcomes guides in interdisciplinary studies associated with chemistry. The magazine publishes only comprehensive critical reviews. Review articles may be unsolicited.   Any invited reviewer who feels unqualified or unable to check the manuscript because of the struggle of interests should directly notify the editors and decline the invitation. Reviewers should formulate their statements clearly in a valid and reasoned manner in order that authors can use reviewer’s arguments to enhance the manuscript. Personal criticism of the authors have to be avoided. Reviewers need to suggest in a review (i) any relevant published paintings that has not been referred to by way of the authors, (ii) anything that has been said in previous guides and no longer given suitable reference or citation, (ii) any huge similarity or overlap with some other manuscript (published or unpublished) of which they have personal knowledge.   We use a single blind peer review format. Our group of reviewers includes over 20 experts from 6 countries (Russia, United States, Ukraine, Iran, India, China). The average period from submission to first decision changed into 21 days, and that from the first selection to popularity turned into forty five days. The very last decision on the recognition of an article for booklet is made via the Editor-in-Chief. All evaluate content must include authentic text and interpretation, averting any direct reproduction. If a good sized amount of other people's fabric is to be used, both textual and image-based, permission need to be sought through the writer in accordance with copyright regulation and must be made clear in the manuscript.

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