Cerebral Palsy

 Cerebral Palsy is contemplated a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malformation that materialize while the child’s brain is under evolution. Cerebral Palsy essentially affects muscle coordination and body movement. Though having Cerebral Palsy does not explain the person that has the condition. Cerebral Palsy is the outcome of a brain injury or a brain malformation. Although some acquire cerebral palsy later, individuals with Cerebral Palsy were most likely born with the condition. It was once thought that Cerebral Palsy was generated by complications during the birthing process. While this does happen, it is now broadly agreed that birthing complications account for only a small percentage an evaluated 10 percent of Cerebral Palsy cases. Current research provides the majority of Cerebral Palsy cases result from abnormal brain development or brain injury prior to birth or during labor and delivery. Abuse, accidents, medical malpractice, infections, negligence and injury are some known risk factors that may give on to Cerebral Palsy.  

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