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 Ceramic Engineers deals with the study of the properties, manufacture, design and applications of ceramic materials. The word "ceramic" generally makes one think of cereal bowls or plates, ceramic tiles lining the interior of tunnels, or ceramic tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. These are only a few of the plethora of applications of ceramics. Ceramic is a cutting-edge, cost-effective, high-temperature material with unique properties that make it a highly coveted and easily available component of simple applications like the above mentioned, and also many other applications like computer chips, fiber optics, spark plugs, airbag sensors, bathroom sinks, lab equipment and bone implants.  Ceramic engineering is the study of how to create objects from inorganic, non-metallic materials, either by the action of heat, or at low temperatures using precipitation reactions from high purity chemical solutions. Ceramic materials have many special and unique characteristics that are used in materials engineering, electrical engineering, These engineers perform research, design machinery and processing methods, and develop new ceramic materials and products.  

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