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 A cell membrane could be a structural layer encompassing some kinds of cells, simply outside the plasma membrane. It are often powerful, flexible, and generally rigid. It provides the cell with each structural support and protection, and additionally acts as a filtering mechanism.[1] Cell walls area unit gift in most prokaryotes (except mollicute bacteria), in algae, fungi and eukaryotes as well as plants however area unit absent in animals. a serious operate is to act as pressure vessels, preventing over-expansion of the cell once water enters.The composition of cell walls varies between species and will rely on cell kind and organic process stage. the first cell membrane of land plants consists of the polysaccharides polysaccharide, hemicelluloses and cellulose. Often, alternative polymers like polymer, suberin or cutin area unit anchored to or embedded in plant cell walls. protoctist possess cell walls product of glycoproteins and polysaccharides like gum and agar that area unit absent from land plants. In microorganism, the cell membrane consists of peptidoglycan. The cell walls of archaea have varied compositions, and will be fashioned of compound protein S-layers, pseudopeptidoglycan, or polysaccharides. Fungi possess cell walls product of the N-acetylglucosamine chemical compound polysaccharide. Unusually, diatoms have a cell membrane composed of biogenic oxide  

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