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 Catholicism is that the traditions and beliefs of Catholic Churches. It refers to their theology, liturgy, morals and spirituality.  The word "Catholicism" refers to several things, including its religious beliefs (called "theologies" and "doctrines"), and its sort of religious worship (called liturgies). It also refers to the ways in which members of the Catholic religion live and practice their religion. Many people use the word "Catholicism” to speak about religious beliefs of the Catholic Church , whose leader is named the "Bishop of Rome" and sometimes called the "Pope". The Catholic Church is predicated within the Vatican City , alittle independent country within the city of Rome, Italy. Sometimes the word also refers to beliefs of other Christian churches, including the Eastern Orthodox Churches, who have many beliefs almost like the Catholic Church , but don't believe the Bishop of Rome is their leader. The word "Catholicism" is usually wont to tell the difference between the beliefs of Catholic Christians and therefore the beliefs of others called Protestant Christians. Catholic and Orthodox churches use church leaders, called bishops, to work out beliefs.  

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