Biostatistics is mainly disquieted with extricating these different sources of variation. It seeks to distinguish between causation and correlation, and to make valid reasoning from known samples about the populations from which they were drawn. Experts normally occupy in interdisciplinary collaborations and advance their field through pursuing of methodological development for biomedical applications of statistical methods.  Journal of Biostatistics publishes articles on Bayesian Probability, Data Modeling, Biological Experimental Data Modeling, Bioinformatic Methods, Biostatistic Theory and Methods, Climate and Environmental Data Modeling, Clinical Trials, Clinical Study Design and Analysis, and Assessment Methods, Computational Biology, Distribution and Modeling of Disease Dynamics, Evolution and Population Genetics, Epidemiological Data Modeling and Analysis, Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology, Medical Imaging Data Modeling, Health Services Research and Assessment, Mathematical Biology, Public Health and Healthcare Evaluation, Pain Management Anesthesia, Statistical Computation and Applications, Public Health Policy Research, etc.  

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