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 Biomagnification is the growth in contaminated substances because of the intoxicating surroundings. The contaminants might be heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, and insecticides along with polychlorinated biphenyls and DDT. These substances are taken up by way of the organisms through the food they consume. Whilst the organisms within the better meals chain feed at the organisms within the lower food chain containing these pollutants, those pollutants get collected in the higher organisms. Causes of Biomagnification Following are the major causes of biomagnification: ·       Agriculture The agricultural pesticides, pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides are very toxic and are released into the soil, rivers, lakes, and seas. These materials contain small quantities of heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, copper, lead and cadmium. These reason fitness problems in aquatic organisms and people.   ·       Natural Contaminants Manures and biosolids are processed industrially and incorporate contaminants like prescribed drugs and private care merchandise. those materials have an unfavorable effect on the fitness of humans, animals, and flora and fauna. ·       Business sports The industries and factories launch poisonous substances which are released into the soil, lakes, oceans, and rivers. The gaseous emissions pollute the surroundings which enters into the food chain leading to biomagnification. Mining activities inside the Ocean Mining activities are done inside the deep sea to extract steel like zinc, aluminium, cobalt, silver and gold. The mining manner generates a large amount of sulphide and selenium deposits in water and destroys the oceans and coastal areas. The level of toxicity is elevated. These poisonous materials are absorbed by the aquatic organisms better inside the meals chain.

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