Biodiscovery is that the discovery of compounds from natural sources with biological applications, notably novel biomedicines. biodiscovery means that analysis on samples of biological resources, or extracts from those samples, to find and exploit genetic or organic chemistry resources of actual or potential worth for humanity;   Biodiscovery generates chemical diversity that's wont to notice initial biological activity in illness centered screens ('hits'). The broad conception of multifariousness conjointly includes the utilization of those compounds and ideas as medical specialty analysis tools, antifoulants, catalysts, nutritionary supplements (nutraceuticals) and private care product (cosmeceuticals). The marine atmosphere provides a broad vary of various habitats from that novel sources of natural product are often derived. Studies from round the world have shown that marine organisms manufacture a various array of metabolites with novel chemical structures and potent biological activities in addition as different fascinating properties.   The Marine Biodiscovery cluster The biodiscovery centre features a giant library of extracts and pure compounds from marine biology. This library is obtainable to be used for scientific research and drug discovery beneath licence. The centre conjointly brings along complementary experience in biology, chemistry, natural process and chemical analysis.This journal invites scientist and scholar of this field to submit there recent research work  

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