Behavioural Ecology Research Articles

 The reviews original contributions and commentaries dealing with quantitative empirical and theoretical studies in the analysis of animal behavior at the level of the individual, group, population, community, and species known as Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. The section "Methods" studies submissions concerning statistical procedures and their difficulties, as well as with problems linked to measurement techniques. Special emphasis is placed on ultimate functions and evolution of ecological adaptations of behavior, in addition to mechanistic studies of proximate cause. Among feature of specific interest are intraspecific behavioral interactions, with certain focus on social behavior including consideration, cooperation and parental care, pre- and post-zygotic  sexual selection, identification and group structure, social networks, kin selection, interspecific behavioral interconnections including competition, speciation, mutualism, foraging, resource partitioning, parasitism and predator-prey interactions; signaling, behavioral Eco physiology, information processing and neuroecology; behavioral genetics; sociogenomics, behavioral plasticity and behavioral syndromes; dispersal and orientation in space and time; and relevant evolutionary and functional theory.  

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