Aquaticbiodiversity New Findings

Biodiversity are also called as  Biological Diversity and it  is a sum of all the different species of animals, plants, fungi, and microbial organisms which are living on the earth surfaces. Aquatic biodiversity  is about finding the and studying the variety of life and the ecosystems that make up the marine region of the world, water and tidal. Aquatic biodiversity  is a nature that surrounds with the freshwater ecosystems, including rivers, streams, groundwater, wetlands lakes, ponds, and  reservoirs and it also contains the  marine ecosystems, including sea grass beds, coral reefs, kelp beds, oceans, estuaries, salt marshes and mangrove forests. The aquatic biodiversity comprises of all unique species and their living habits  and it also consist of  aquatic plants, insects, fish, birds, mammals phytoplankton ,zooplankton, and others