Short Article - Advanced Materials Science Research (2018) Volume 1, Issue 4

Remark on Recent Experimental Findings Supporting Smarandaches Hypothesis and Quantum Sorites Paradoxes and Sub Quantum Kinetic Model of Electron

Victor Christianto1 , Robert N. Boyd2 and Florentin Smarandache3

1Malang Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia

2Dept. Information Physics Research, Princeton Biotechnology Corporation, USA

3Department of Mathematics & Science, University of New Mexico, USA

Statement of the Problem: Smarandache Hypothesis states that there’s no regulation of something, together with lightweight and particles. While the idea is quite simple and based on a known hypothesis of quantum mechanics, called Einstein-Podolski-Rosen (EPR) paradox, in reality such a superluminal physics seems still hard to accept by the majority of physicists.Here we have a tendency to review some experiments to support superluminal physics and additionally findings to elucidate Smarandache Quantum contradictions and Quantum Sorites Paradox. We also touch briefly on a new experiment on magneton, supporting the SubQuantum Kinetic Model of Electron, and as well as discussing its implications on virus modelling and RNA/DNA

Aim of this paper: We discuss some experimental results which will likely open new directions of research toward evidence-based physics.

Conclusion & Significance: Multi Experimental findings assessment allows one to verify conjectures by two of us (FS & RNB), namely: Smarandache Hypothesis, Smarandache Quantum Sorites Paradoxes and SubQuantum Kinetic Model of Electron.

While the idea is quite simple and based on known hypothesis of quantum mechanics, called Einstein-Podolski-Rosen paradox, in reality such a superluminal physics seems still hard to accept by the majority of physicists. Say, since 2011, there was an apparent surprising result as announced by the OPERA team. Nonetheless, few months later it was renounced, on the ground of errors in handling the measurement.

Allow us to make few comments on such an apparent failure to detect faster than light speed as follows: Anyway we thought that a more convincing experiment has been done by Alain Aspect etc., showing quantum nonlocal interaction is real. In 1980, Alain Aspect performed the first EPR experiment which proved the existence of space nonlocality. Alain Aspect and his team experimented with three Bell tests using Ca cascade sources. The first and last used the CH74 inequality while the next was the first application of the CHSH inequality. The third was arranged such that the choice between the two settings on each side were made during the flight of the photons.Some experimenters have repeated this experiment and prove similar results until distances of more than 90 km. So the notion of spooky action at a distance has real effects.

Moreover, action at a distance is already in Newton’s Principia. Einstein was trying to make all of Newton’s expressions into nothing to be “superseded” by E’s vastly inferior version of relativity.

In a recent, forthcoming paper, RN Boyd discusses resolutions of some of those Smarandache Quantum Paradoxes and Quantum Sorites Paradoxes.

Now allow us to describe briefly a new experiment on magneton and structure of electrons. In the past few months, we got in contact with a wonderful experimenters team from Greece, led by Emmanouil Markoulakis. They have published a number of wonderful experiment results, confirming that the structure of electrons is deeply related to Kelvin-Helmholtz vortex theory, just as we described earlier last year. At the most fundamental level, E and B are mutually causational. Each causes the other. This is well known in plasma physics.

That looks like the generation of the electric charge of the electron due the horizontally radially spinning magnetosphere. Vortexing, vertical spiraling magnetic flux on its poles creates its magnetic moment and magnetic field whereas its radially horizontally spinning around its equator magnetic flux creates its electric charge and electric field. Moreover, we can add here:

1 - “Similar to this finding, our recent findings, where DNA formed inside a sealed test tube filled with pure water that was placed adjacent to an identical test tube filled with pure water, which contained a very small sample of DNA, where both test tubes were irradiated by a very small amplitude low frequency of EMF, over night

2 - This implies that DNA/RNA information exists everywhere in the infinite volume Universe, and is held in the aether, most probably in the solid and fluidic phase states. The DNA information already existing in the aether media, everywhere, expresses forms of life perfectly suited to all environments capable of supporting life at a given time and place.

This is related to local developments of new virus types, which types will change, as the local stellar and energetic environments change. This is all the more reason to prohibit 5G, since 5G is an environmental factor which may cause new forms of viruses to express in the DNA/ RNA environment which is local to this planet and to this star, because of modifications to our life environment caused by 5G EMFs.

Further experiments are recommended toward evidence-based physics.