Research Article - Clinical Practice (2023) Volume 20, Issue 3

Observational Study of ADR Monitoring, Safety and Efficacy of Clopidogrel with Atorvastatin Combination in Cardiovascular Diseases



These days commonly used drug in cardiovascular problems is clopidogrel & atorvastatin, so the primary goal is to figure out the adequacy and any ADRs related to the treatment. Objective To evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs, and also identifies the ADRs of drugs & their associated problems in cardiovascular disorder patients.


An observational study was conducted in the inpatient & outpatient unit of the cardiology department of RVM institutional, laxmakkapally for 6 months. The study shows 105 patients, including males and females diagnosed with cardiovascular disorders.


The review contains 105 subjects. Out of them, 91 showed Doubtful ADRs (86.7%), 11 showed Possible ADRS (10.5%), and just 3 showed Probable ADRS (2.9%) None of them showed any Definite ADRs, and furthermore founded on the HS Troponin I mean contrast esteem (988.44) the medicine is protected and compelling in the therapy of CVS Disorder.


According to the Naranjo ADR probability scale and HS Troponin values the medication is demonstrated to be protected and more compelling in the treatment of CVS issues.