Short Communication - JBR Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Sciences (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

Fever is not a Symptom in COVID-19. None of the Diseases Require Fever as its Symptom

K M Yacob Marma

Health Centre, Kerala, India


Keywords: Symptom Definition, Signals Definition, Symptoms of Fever, Symptoms of Rising Temperature

We have been hearing for hundreds of years that ‘fever isn't an unwellness however a symptom. Physicians say that fever may be a symptom of diseases like respiratory disorder to cancer. The conservative fever definition, diagnosis, and coverings square measure supported fever as a symbol. All the studies associated with fever as a symbol of unwellness are shunned knowing the aim of the temperature of fever is. Without knowing the aim of the temperature of fever, however will fever enclosed within the symptom definition? Temperature between 38o to 41oC is often symptom of a disease?

Most of the diseases might not have a fever. Typically it disappears. Then, is fever a symbol of that disease?

Symptom Definition is that the solely parameter necessary for a symbol. Like any or all alternative definitions, symptom definition ought to describe the symptom scientifically. If it cannot describe clearly, there's no use of a symbol definition. a symbol may be a departure from traditional operate or feeling that is noticed solely by a patient, indicating the presence of unwellness or abnormality. One cannot be understood directly the temperature is elevated within the neural structure. A machine is critical to live elevated temperature within the neural structure. In symptom definition, fever definition can’t be found. The elevation of temperature isn't enclosed in symptom definition.

Different causes of diseases never shows the same symptoms

Different causes of diseases like virus, bacteria, fungi, venom, horror scene, horror dream, never shows the same symptoms. Its actions are different and sometimes opposite. No similarities can be seen between their actions. Elevated temperature or increased temperature never makes fever or symptoms of fever. It may create hyperthermia.

None of the diseases or causes of diseases require fever as its symptom

If the mosquito bites its virus, bacteria, venom gets deposited in the body as a result according to nature and strength of Viruses, bacteria, venom symptoms like itching, pain, and signals like color change, inflammation may occur.

We can see the symptoms, Signals, and indications of the virus, bacteria, the venom which multiple or spreading or damages (disease) the body before fever emerge. Patients who have flu to cancer may not have a fever.

How can we separate symptoms of the disease and symptoms of fever and symptoms of rising temperatures?

In fever, each symptoms of illness and symptoms of Fever are enclosed.

Deduct symptom of illness from total symptoms, we are going to get symptoms of fever

(Disease +Fever) illness = Fever.

(Symptoms of illness + Symptoms of Fever) Symptoms of illness = Symptoms of Fever (bitter style, body pain, fatigue to mind and body, reduced craving, reduced motion and stomach upset, internal and external discomfort)

Like that we will separate signs, signals, and actions of each fever and illness.

(Signals of illness +Signals of Fever) - Signals of illness =Signals of Fever (high temperature, shivering, unconscious)

(Signs of illness + Signs of Fever) - Signs of illness = Signs of Fever (Actions of illness +Actions of Fever) - Actions of illness = Actions of Fever. In fever doesn't show any actions of temperature rise.

How can we prove the fever is not a symptom? The fever isn't symptom once examined in varied directions. In fever, each symptoms of unwellness and symptoms of fever are enclosed. Deduct symptom of unwellness from total symptoms, we'll get symptoms of fever. We are able to separate signs, signals, and actions of each fever and unwellness and rising temperature. Temperature between thirty eight degrees and forty one degrees cannot be a proof of any of the diseases. A special reason behind diseases like virus, bacteria, fungi, venom, horror scene, and horror dream never show identical symptoms. Fever has never been scientifically verified as a proof of an unwellness. Fever has the properties of adaptation. If we tend to raise any kind of question-related to fever by forward that the fever isn't a proof we'll get a transparent answer. If we tend to avoid or evade from this we'll never get a correct answer to even one question.


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