Commentary - Journal of Pediatric Neurological Disorders (2021) Volume 4, Issue 4

Common neurological diseases in children

Amit Arora*

Department of neurology, Stanford University, United States

*Author for correspondence:


The brain is one of the maximum vital and sensitive organs with inside the human frame. Neurological issues are the ones troubles as a result of a disorder of the brain or apprehensive machine and bring about mental or bodily signs relying at the region of the brain involved, main to problems. The human brain starts growing while the kid is with inside the womb and keeps via infancy till adolescence. The brain cells are on the whole shaped earlier than beginning, despite the fact that the nerve connections do now no longer broaden till later. Neurological problems have a huge spectrum and may have numerous causes, complications, signs, and results. All neurological situations contain the apprehensive machine which accommodates of the brain and the spine. The apprehensive machine controls the whole lot with inside the human frame along with movement, imaginative and prescient and listening to abilities. Symptoms and consequences rely upon the region of the brain that has been damaged.


Autism • Neurology • Epilepsy • Seizures


These situations can have an effect on human beings amongst all age groups, however, few neurological situations gift most effective at some stage in early years of development. Most of those neurological signs and symptoms are picked up while a baby misses a developmental milestone or affords with a brain tumour or infection. Brain associated cases like complications are every now and then transient and regularly disregarded. However, signs like steady dizziness or weak spot that seem unexpectedly with none rationalization or motive may be symptoms of neurological situations.

There are numerous neurological problems which have an effect on paediatric population. Autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, squeal of brain harm and headache are the maximum not unusual place neurological problems visible in youngsters. Each ailment and the signs related to its range in every baby. The maximum usually discovered neurological problems in youngsters are:


Autism is a neurodevelopmental ailment that is now an increasing number of being identified worldwide. The disorder happen as a triad of impaired social interaction, impairment of verbal (spoken) and non-verbal (unspoken) verbal exchange, together with limited, repetitive sample of conduct with an excessive amount of adherence to workouts and limited interests. Children with autism understand the matters round them in a one of a kind manner in comparison to different youngsters in their age. There isn’t any precise motive for autism; however, some of environmental, behavioral and genetic elements can motive a baby to broaden the circumstance. An autistic baby can also additionally have a speech impairment, challenged social and verbal exchange abilities and emotional problems. Children require one of a kind interventional strategies relying on their age and development. There aren’t any one length suits all remedy for the circumstance. Each character with the circumstance is precise and calls for one of a kind remedy techniques along with remedy and behavioral remedies or a mixture of both.

The common neurological problems in children are:

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

• Dyslexia

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

This is the most common disease in the children which will be continued till the adolescent age. The symptoms of this disease are forgetfulness and day dreaming. Children with this disease are not active towards any work and remain inattentive. This disease may be caused due to hereditary conditions, malnutrition or brain injury. These symptoms can be managed by taking medicines and proper treatment.


Dyslexia is diseases in kids where children with this condition find it difficult to read accurately, spell, write and read what is written. The exact cause of the condition is still not found. The treatment for this disease involves specific teaching methods from various professionals to help kids with the condition. Children with dyslexia can be normal if they were given treatment early.


These are the most common neurological diseases caused in children. Some neurological disorders are cured by taking proper care, treatment and medication. Early observance regarding the disorder is crucial to ensure it doesn’t take any future complications. Parents must see that their children area having any unusual symptoms and always make sure to take the child’s concerns seriously.