Vrishya Basti: an effective treatment in Erectile Dysfunction

Author(s): Ankur Kumar Tanwar

Healthy reproductive life is essential for marinating the happiness and harmony in marital life. Happy and healthy sexual life is important to fullfill the procreational and recreational aspects of life. Healthy sex is a media to express love and gives pleasure. Male who are unable to maintain erection during sexual act mostly suffer from depression and stress. This  hampers the marital relationship leaving to frustration sometime ends into divorce and causes inefficiency in performing the routine duties. For performing the sexual act, there is a phase of erection with sufficient rigidity for penetrative intercourse, the absence of which ends into failure and dissatisfaction. This condition elaborately described as 'Klaibya' in Ayurvedic classics. Ayurveda deascribed different factors responsible for klaibya and mentioned different treatment modalities for the treatment of klaibya or erectile dysfunction. In Charaka samhita and Sushruta samhita, many vajikarana yoga are described for the treatment of sexual problem. One of the main treatment modality is basti treatment.