Unilateral sub frontal approach in huge anterior skull base meningioma

Author(s): Said Hilmani

The huge size of anterior skull base meningiomas affects the extent of removal, recurrence rate and postoperative outcome. Recent advances in surgical technology and approaches have increased over the last decades in order to improve surgical respectability and prognosis of anterior skull base meningiomas.

Classical bilateral transcranial and endoscopic endonasal approaches are the most technics used to remove this lesion but not without complication.

We report the role and value of a unilateral sub frontal approach to resect more savety the huge meningioma located to this region. This way allows total removal with an excellent overview and control of the all vasculo-nervous structures. There was not operative mortality. Postoperative complications included unilateral anosmia and local hematoma.

These results underline the importance of the unilateral sub-frontal approach for the total resection of such lesions. The pure unilateral sub frontal approach provides an efficient avenue to anterior skull base region, which reduces cortical damage and load to preserve the olfaction with a good quality of life.