Theory of Heat Exchange in Pipes with Turbulators with d/D = 0.95/0.90 and t/D = 0.25/1.00, and also in Rough Pipes, by Air with Great Reynolds Numbers Re = 106

Author(s): Lobanov Igor Evgenjevich

Scientific modeling of warm trade in discuss in channels with turbulators with d / D = 0.95 ÷ 0.90 and t / D = 0.25 ÷ 1.00, as well as in harsh channels, with huge Reynolds numbers (Re = 106). The solution of the warm trade issue for half circle cross-section stream turbulizers based on multi-block computing advances based on the factorized Reynolds conditions (closed utilizing the Menter shear stretch exchange show) and the vitality condition (on multi-scale crossing organized networks) was considered. This strategy was already effectively connected and confirmed by try in for lower Reynolds numbers. A known and exceptionally well tried in hone vortex strategy of warm exchange upgrade is the application of occasional projections on the divider surfaces lapped. Examination of the structure of an intensified stream primarily carried out by exploratory strategies, whereas the current plan work on this subject are moderately few and as it were mostly given specifically to the structure of an heightens stream; A few of the procedures (e.g. a certain portion is utilized as it were coordinates approaches to this issue. In re-cent a long time expectation creating multi-block computational in-novation for understanding the vortex aero-dynamics and warm material science, based on meeting organized frameworks. This work is given to the consideration specifically warm at tall Reynolds numbers within the tubes heightens occasionally arranged surface turbulence crescent cross segment, since in this extend there are no adequately solid experimental information; for comparison the comparing hypothetical information for harsh tubes.